If I Can Just Get Through Next Week…

Have you every caught yourself saying that? Or on your way to bed to get 4 hours of sleep before an exam the next morning? With the help of study aids, coffee, anxiety medication, and alcohol, young people are looking for relief from symptoms of stress.  These emotional and mental patterns of “powering through” are the opposite of strength: they are disempowering and will often cut us off from what we need.

Any professional athlete can tell you about being “in the zone.” The state of being calm, clear, present in the moment, and very efficient during the moments of competition. Imagine if we could get to that place easily and regularly?

Reiki is one way that we can do that. It is a simple technique that can calm us down and clear away emotional buildup. When our minds are quiet, our nervous system can start to relax, and we are much more aware of what our own body needs. It could be that we recognize we’re pretty dehydrated, or we could receive clarity around a big decision or a personal relationship. When we’re calm and clear-headed, life moves with more ease. We’re more efficient. We’re nicer to other people. We’re kinder to ourselves.

Reiki as a healing art is reaching more communities across the United States. The Walk-in or Open Reiki Clinic is a model that has taken hold in over 100 hospitals nationwide, complementing traditional medicine with a non-invasive form of stress relief.  These programs are propelled by public demand.

The next wave of these Reiki Clinics are arriving at colleges and universities. Younger people are dealing with ever increasing demands. Binging on screen time and consuming alcohol do the opposite of their intended use. Finding a way to relax and “unplug” is necessary to balance the workload. The sooner these self-care techniques are learned, the healthier and more successful students are likely to be!

Creating visible and easy to access Reiki wellness opportunities can make a huge impact on the overall health of the student body. Wellness events, popup clinics, and established Reiki professionals are part of this changing landscape.  For more information on specific types of programs for your college, check out the Reiki On Campus page and schedule a consultation.

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Caroline Ruderman, Reiki Master Teacher

Check out Caroline’s story here.

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