Caroline Ruderman is a Reiki teacher in the Tibetan/Usui tradition. She has been working professionally for 5 years and teaching for the last 3.

Caroline started practicing Reiki when she was working at a stressful job. At the end of the day, she was completely drained and every morning was the anxiety-filled tread back to work. This was not the first time that stress had taken over, she knew her habits were not helping, her diet was gross, and there was just an emotional weight. Everything seemed to feed into the stress.

The first Reiki class was like breathing fresh air. Caroline started being aware of what was happening in her body, the physical affects of all her worrying and anxiety, the heaviness of her thoughts and the intensity of mental focus– the Reiki sessions were like a reset button. Learning Reiki for self-care was just the beginning of the journey.

Reiki just felt good. It was something to do before sleep and wake up refreshed. Slowly the patterns switched from feeling good sometimes (in between the anxiety) to feeling good most of the time with mini peaks of anxiousness and finding balance again. The body awareness around feelingĀ stress made it easier to recognize when it surfaced. When you’re used to feeling good, it becomes harder to tolerate the lower vibrations.

The biggest surprise after having a sustained Reiki practice is the intuitive and psychic growth. All of the stress of pleasing other people (hello service industry!) and tuning in to how other people are feeling is actually a skill. When Caroline learned how to ground herself and being more careful of what she ate and awareness of her thought patterns, her use of Reiki cleared the stress and gently opened her third eye, or intuitive center.

Dreaming and connecting to guidance became an ordinary part of living. Worry and anxiety just blocked all that. The inner world is a pretty fabulous place to explore once the mind starts to relax. Reiki is that daily reset tool to clear the emotions and mental junk that can be hard to shake.

Caroline teaches Reiki as a tool for managing anxiety. Shedding those layers and living lighter is the new beginning.