Caroline’s wellness exploration began in her early 20s. The occasional yoga and meditation class were sufficient to balance some of her less healthy habits around that time. These practices that she learned in college planted the seeds of self-care that were much needed as an adult.

It wasn’t until many years later when Caroline was working at a stressful job that her anxiety became prominent. Every morning felt heavy and sluggish, and coffee was the one thing that would keep her focused and moving. Her head and her thoughts felt like they were on fire. At the end of the each day, she was completely drained. This was not the first time that stress had taken over. Caroline knew her coping mechanisms were not helping. This was not vital living; it was just getting by. Her diet was gross, and there was an emotional weight that was not moving.

On a whim, Caroline signed up for a Reiki class.  The first session was like breathing fresh air. Caroline started becoming aware of what was happening in her body. The physical effects of the worry and anxiety, the heaviness of her thoughts and intensity of mental focus– the Reiki sessions were like a reset button.

Since 2011, Caroline has been in professional practice and teaching since 2013. She has specialized in managing anxiety in young people. Caroline has worked events at Bard College, Elms College, UMass Amherst, Columbia Greene Community College, and The Girls Club, Inc in NYC, NY, as well as yoga studios across Massachusetts and New York.

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Reiki feels good. It is something to do before sleep to calm rampant thoughts and wake up feeling refreshed. Slowly the patterns shift away from being “fine” (also known as ignoring stress) and move towards being a lot more sensitive to individual wants and needs. The body awareness around feeling stress made it easier to recognize when it surfaced. Reiki is a really practical tool to check in, calm down, and take care of one’s self whenever necessary.

When you’re used to feeling good, it becomes harder to tolerate the worry and anxiety. The inner world is a pretty fabulous place to explore once the mind starts to relax. Our dreams, our instincts, our creativity, and our imagination is what makes our life spring. Life is so much more vibrant when we’re relaxed. We’re nicer to be around when we’re calm. Solutions are easier to spot. Opportunities present themselves when we lift our heads up.  Reiki is that daily reset tool to clear the emotions and mental junk that we don’t need anymore.